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Ceiling Tiles For Stylish Bedroom Walls

So, you think that decorative ceiling tiles can ONLY be mounted on a ceiling, huh? Well, they are not limited to ceilings, but can easily be used all over the house or business, in a variety of ways, including on walls. One popular use, and a quick and inexpensive way to provide an attractive, stylish, and enduring new

Ceiling Tiles Used As Wall/Headboard in Stylish Bedroom

Ceiling Tiles Used As Wall/Headboard in Stylish Bedroom

element to a bedroom, especially a master bedroom, is by applying decorative ceiling tiles on the wall behind the bed.

Here, this beautiful room is made even more attractive, with a floor-to-ceiling wall layout arrayed in padded tiles behind the bed, providing not just a majestic wall design, but also a stylish and inexpensive headboard.

Use complementary styles, materials, colors and patterns to set off your bedroom furniture and furnishings, including pillow covers, comforters, and duvets, or you can use similar colors and designs to create an overall consistent design theme.

Also, you can choose to decorate a single wall with decorative tiles, as has been done in the graphic to the right, or you can do two, three, or even all four walls in tiles. One interesting design idea is to decorate three walls in one color, and use a different color for the wall behind the bed.

Another idea is to apply decorative ceiling tiles to a single bedroom wall away from the bed, to help create a separate-appearing area, for a chair and lamp, a settee, or even a desk.

There is a vast array of uses for decorative ceiling tiles in the bedroom – let your sense of style run wild, and create new ideas for the master bedroom, and the other bedrooms in your home. Remember, installing such tiles, whether on the ceiling or on walls, is quick and easy, and the materials are affordable for most any budget. You can transform your bedroom into a showplace over a weekend. There is no time like now to get it done!

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