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Crown Moldings Complement and Enhance the Look of Your Ceiling Tiles

If you are going to the effort of installing decorative ceiling tiles, don’t forget the final steps to provide your new ceiling that extra special look, by adding crown molding all around the outside ceiling edges.

Here is a beautiful, new ceiling, that shows all the thought and effort that went in to making it look so great:
Decorative Ceiling TIles Without Complementary Molding

And here is another beautiful, new ceiling, that has complementary crown molding encircling the new tiles:
Ceiling Tiles Enhanced with Molding

A very nice ceiling becomes a design classic, with more character, elegance, and a bit of panache.

After you choose your tile, you can then click on our section featuring Styrofoam Crown Moldings to pick the perfect, complementary design to add that extra bit of style to your new ceiling.