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Turn a Small Bedroom into Your Home’s Signature Feature

A problem many homeowners face, especially those moving into new affordable homes where construction costs and land prices mean cutting back square footage, is the bedroom that at first glance, appears too small to be comfortable.

Small Bedroom That Appears Larger With Use of Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Small Bedroom That Appears Larger With Use of Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Minimal furnishings, creative painting, and artistic flooring are all elements that can instill the illusion of a larger space, both to the casual visitor and to the homeowner. But don’t forget the ceiling! A ceiling created with decorative ceiling tiles can further enhance that illusion, making a small space appear to be significantly larger than its measurements would reveal.

As seen in this graphic, light colors, especially icy blue and cream colors, will make a room look larger and brighter. Light colored walls that reflect light enhance that illusion. Another hint is to paint borders and trim a lighter color that the walls, which as seen here, makes the adjacent wall appear to be further back, again seemingly increasing the room size.

Making full use of natural light also helps. Here, the large window has only a light colored blind, letting in significant light. Also, a vertical blind was wisely chosen, further enhancing the vertical flow of the room. The large light fixture combined with the ceiling fan further adds light to the room (when it is turned on, of course).

Adding a ceiling fan not only enhances the style and beauty of your decorative ceiling and to your bedroom as a while, but by adding that fan to the ceiling and an attached light fixture, it eliminates any need to have a fan and and a lamp taking up valuable space elsewhere in the room. Less furnishings means more open space and more of an illusion of roominess. To keep that illusion of size and space alive, don’t let your small room become cluttered – keep it orderly and with a minimal amount of “stuff”.

Mirrors also help to enhance the appearance of added space. We would think that the homeowner has a nice mirror on the wall behind where the graphic was taken.

Your ceiling, created with decorative ceiling tiles, will also draw the eye upward, further promoting the illusion of space. Light colored, patterned decorative ceiling tiles will created illusions similar to those described for walls and borders – create more “depth” with tiles that feature designs in relief rather than merely flat painted surfaces. Expanding designs, flowing outward from the center of each tile, as seen in this graphic, further makes the room appear larger than it’s actual size.